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As a hauler or an independent freighterpilot you know, that even the easiest of all routes can turn into a financial catastrophe, when pirates or other hostile pilots threaten your life and the lives of your crew and damage, steal or destroy your ship or cargo. To satisfy the diverse needs of transport- and logistics-providers, the Fenris Corporation offers escort services tailored to you. Whenever wares have to be transported into warzones or systems with low security ratings or you just do not want to risk anything, Fenris Corp is the place to go.

Due to our repertoire of spaceships we are in a position to individually and flexibily adjust to the wishes of our customers. We are able to escort single ships up to large convois, which travel into the unknown regions of the galaxy. The Fenris Corporation always guarantees safe conduct of your ships from the takeoff to the landing.

Our security experts will advise and see you through from the planning to the execution of your transport convoi and will make sure, that you can fulfill your contracts without any hold-ups or risking additional costs, that occur when deadlines and contract terms are not met or the wares are being lost, stolen or damaged.

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