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At NovaTech we employ research and science, efficient and effective technologies and our galaxy-spanning networks to discover new things.

Around the clock our energy scientists, engineers, geologists, physicists, chemists, mechanics, pilots and many others work towards bettering the interests and lives of mankind. Everyday new ideas and possibilities come to live in front of our eyes to further develop and improve our energy technologies, our electronics- and nanowares as well as the terraforming processes.

Invest to the future! Our future is out there!

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Omega Enterprises

The well-established company Omega Enterprises has long been one of the most succesful production- and logisticsprovider in the sector. The company fullfills the highest standards for the clients from industry, economy and military in the areas of high-tech component production and mining. State-of-the-art production- and work methods make Omega Enterprises to a highly efficient and absolutely reliable partner.

Omega Enterprises - Spectrum Network Presence

Charnier Pharmaceutical

The small old-established business with its headquarters on Terra is an important manufacturer and supplier of high quality drugs which are quite in demand on several worlds within the UEE. Charnier Pharmaceutical’s innovative and cost-effective production techniques enable the company to ship the medicine even into the UEE territory’s less developed marginal zones.

Due to difficulties regarding the safeguarding of the shipments, the company signed a cooperation agreement with Fenris Corporation, organising and carrying out the valuable regular shipments into these less secure areas and thus delivering the direly needed goods to its respective destiny, in 2944. Since the start of these two companies’ cooperation, stable and reliable supplies of the marginal zones concerning medicine and vaccines could be established. Charnier Pharmaceutical is back on the right track to increase its own market share while compensating the losses caused by the difficulties in accordance with transportation.

Being a positive side effect of the cooperation the security services were apparently able to record a decline in terms of percentage concerning raids on freighters, smuggling as well as black market dealing with narcotics and medicine. According to this the Fenris Corporation contributes its share to maintain safety and order within the UEE territory.

Risham-Ikrali Armory Development Ltd.

Risham-Ikrali Armory Development Ltd. (RIAD) is a company specialized on munitions, which delivers hightech equipment to various customers. The company is headquartered on Terra with several branches spread among the UEE territory, like the Mars in the Sol system. Since 2944 a contract between the Fenris Corporation and RIAD exists, which establishes the Fenris Corporation as an independent part of RIAD’s security network.

In the interview from 2944.06.28, which has been published in the Datalink, Felicitas Ikrali, co-founder of Risham-Ikrali Armory Development Ltd. finds kind words in regard to the established partnership with Fenris Corp.

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