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The Fenris Corporation takes their philosophy "Solutions for a safer space" to heart and offers reliable and affordable security in space for everyone. All our services are chosen depending on the circumstances and are tailored to the needs of our customers, to achieve an optimal price-performance ratio and thus contribute to your security.

Despite that we naturally don’t compromise at our employees or equipment, since only through uncompromising selection of our resources, we can offer perfect service.

Fenris Corp employees are picked by hand and go way beyond what the standards for security and service personnell within the UEE require. Our pilots are regulary being checked on their physical and mental capacities, so that you can rely upon the knowledge that our pilots will fulfill your contract to the letter.

Our ships come from renowned manufactorers and for your safety are being thoroughly checked, refueled and rearmed after every mission. Furthermore our own engineering and maintenance department make sure, that our fleet and equipment are always up to date to fulfill your requirements in all conscience.

Also in terms of equality Fenris Corporation follows a uncompromising policy of equal opportunity for all, no matter their gender, sexual orientation or species, because we believe that everyone can contribute and every perspective enriches your own wealth of experience.

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