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Fenris Corporation

What is the orientation of your organization respectively what do you plan to do in SC?

The Fenris Corporation is oriented towards immersive roleplay. To be more specific, in-character should be considered as corporation, which has specialised on security services and wants to makes these accessible to everyone. We prefer to help other players and organizations as security service providers, naturally we will also fulfill fitting PvE contracts. The goal is to make the experience of Star Citizen even more immersive and entertaining.

What made you create your organization? Which aspect of SC fascinates you the most?

The founding of the Fenris Corporation is based on the early fascination with Star Citizen and the lack of dedicated RP-organizations, back then and regretrably also still today. Besides the high nostalgia, which Star Citizen had for me as a fan of the Wing Commander and Privateer Series since early childhood, the high immersion of the whole game and the incredible amount of ambition that Chris Roberts puts into this project are the things, that are the defining features of Star Citizen for me and many others among us. It's also something, that the gaming industry more often than not lacks in nowadays.

How many members do you have currently? Is there a limit to your number of members?

Currently our number of members moves among the 40s. At the beginning we had thought about a limit of 50 or 100 members, but this was at times, during which the game hadn't been so vast in scope yet. By now we believe that there is no rational reason for a real limit, since we are able to to grow dynamically depending on demand, due to our thought-through organization structure and a flexible hierarchy. For us it is far more important, that we grow in a healthy mean. By that we mean, that we rather will limit the speed at which we grow than the actual number of members, to assure a harmonic atmossphere within the organization and between the members. For us, as RP-organization, it is important, that the players have time to really arrive in our organization, to get to know the otheres and to get a chance to partake in the organization life.

Are you currently recruiting?

Definitively. For us, what matters most is that the members have the will and the skills necessary for RP and that they are able to become a part of the community. Of course interest in Star Citizen and the immersive world is important as well, to strengthen the roleplay-part. Pilots as well as crew members are welcome. Please take note, that we are a German-speaking organization and as such we only consider German-speaking applicants for membership.

What are you offering your members?

The Fenris Corporation is an organization, that had two years to grow and evolve. Thus we are proud to be able to say, that we can offer an open, familiar atmosphere within our organization, in which everyone can find his or her place. Besides the obvious RP-offer in both of our departments and the numerous of specializations within each of them, our structure also contains smaller units like squads, wings and teams, who are formed specifically for missions. Further, from a technical perspective, we offer our own TeamSpeak-server and an internal forum, to make communication easier.

Which ships do you own?

In our case one has to define what specifically means 'to own'. According to our internal ship database, we have a multitude of ships relative to our number of members, which cover basically everything. From these ships however only about the half is 'property' of the Fenris Corporation, which is oriented towards our role as a security service provider and the support of such tasks - fighters, transports, combat ships and capships as well as supporting ships like tankers and salvaging ships.

How can you be contacted?

The best way to contact us is on our website, where we have prepared a contact- and application form. These can be used to contact us or apply for membership.

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