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Did we interest you for a career at Fenris Corporation?
On this site you will find every information you need for an application at our corporation.

The occupation spacepilot be it in battle, as a freighterpilot or as an explorer will bring you to your limits both physically and mentally. Yet it is a very fulfilling job, which satisfies your thirst for adventure and often rewards you with the feeling that you did something good and meaningful.

All applying pilots are examined for their physical and mental health in our headquarters on Terra by our doctors, who are bound by contract to keep medical confidentiality. As soon as you have been found suitable, a job interview is held to determine if your beliefs fit ours.

After a successful employment you will be integrated in our Cadet-Training system, in which an experienced pilot will guide you through all of our departments to familiarize you with our work. If you complete the training system you are given the chance to choose the department you like to work in.

As an employee at Fenris Corporation you benefit of an extensive variety of insurances like dental prothesis and extremity prothesis isurance and in and in addition you do not bear the risk for your working gear like the ship and ship-equipment any more.

All you need to do for your first step into your future at Fenris Corporation is to fill out the provided form. Become a part of something bigger today.

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