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Welcome to the Fenris Corporation

The Fenris Corporation is a service provider for security solutions. Founded in the year 2943 on Terra with currently about two hundred employees, the Fenris Corporation is your contact for all matters of security. Be it escort, secure transportation or personal protection, the Fenris Corporation offers you services tailored to your personal needs at attractive conditions. Our employees are specially trained, exquisitely equiped and hand picked to satisfy our customers. We offer high quality security at economical prices, true to the motto: "Solutions for a safer Space."

Press releases

Fenris Corporation enact cooperation with NovaTech

Terra system, Terra, Prime, May 9th 2945

The Terra based Fenris Corporation, a leading provider for security services in the Terra system, starts a cooperation with NovaTech, a leading technology corporation based on Earth.

The Fenris Corporation will provide security sevices for NovaTech in Terra and the surrounding systems. Among these services are advising, planning and execution of convoys, escorts and sensitive transports.

"We welcome NovaTech as the new customers of the Fenris Corporation and are looking forward to advise and support one of the largest technology corporation in matters of security and to offer NovaTech's employees best possible safety. Especially the "Aurora Project", which is settled in the area of deep space exploration, will profit from this cooperation. We, the Fenris Corporation, are proud to be able to contribute to the exploration of the universe" declared Garrit Soldner, CEO of Fenris Corporation.

Fenris Corporation and Omega Enterprises announce collaboration

Terra system, Terra, Prime, April 28th 2945

Today the Fenris Corporation announced the collaboration between the Fenris Corporation and Omega Enterprises, during a press conference on Terra Prime. The collaboration focuses on mining in deep space areas, where as of lately accidents and raids occured increasingly.

"The Fenris Corporation is well aware of the risks operations within Deep Space entail and already made several preparations to ensure our customer's safety. I am pleased that Omega Enterprises is now part of our client base and that we can announce the results of our strategies in the near future. I pay tribute to the employees of Omega Enterprises, who repeatedly venture into these dangerous areas to acquire the ressources needed on Terra and all of the UEE. I am convinced, that this collaboration will not only serve the safety of Omega Enterprises' employees, but also the economy, once the mining areas have been secured" stated Garrit Soldner, CEO of the Fenris Corporation.

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