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VIP Protection

The economic and scientific elite, high ranking politicians, stars, dignitaries and witnesses in important trials. They all can get into the sight of unscrupulous rivals and the organized crime way too quickly.

The Fenris Corporation protects you and your families at all times and every place. From the great central worlds of the UEE to the very brink of civilization and beyond. We organize your personal security professionally and discreetly, no matter the occasion, be it a large conference or the birthday of your child.

You want to travel unnoticed by your competitors or go into hiding for a while? The Fenris Corporation has prepared appropriate ships, equipment and locations. If you wish to, our experts will teach you and the members of your family in melee combat and the use of firearms. We do forego ineffective martial arts and instead focus on simple, easy to learn but effective selfdefence systems.

Our highly trained and well equipped security experts and bodyguards advise and accompany you and your families. Your security and that of your family are our most precious assets and we will protect them with our lives.

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