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Facility Surveillance

Running a facility in space is a logistical and organizational challenge, that is unmatched in the modern world of the UEE. Aside from the supply and organization of the personnel and facility especially the security is of critical for the economic feasibility of every space facility. We can help you to ensure the safety of your investment.

In contrast to facilities on planets, space facilities do not enjoy the security offered by the local police, militia and planetary defense systems. Well organized pirates regularly raid mining stations, rival companies sabotage factories and even Vanduul alreeady posed a threat to civilian space stations, not matter how organized the life aboard might be.

Our security experts with prior experiences from the Navy and the Advocacy advise you on how to increase the security of your facilities and work out patrol plans for your and our pilots, who will actively protect your facilities as long as it is necessary und also will help you with training a facility security as well as advise you on the choice and equipment of your own security fleet.

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