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The Fenris Corporation was founded in 2943 by Garrit Solder on Terra after he quit his service to the UEE Navy in all honors. As son to a long line of military officers, he had always cared for the safety of the citizens of the UEE. He realized that there was a striking lack of security in space, and so he chose to use his military knowledge and his combat experience to officer his services in protection to the civil sector of the UEE. He used his contacts to hire former comrades and old friends from his military days, then compiled a modular concept to match the any customer’s needs.

As a young company, the Fenris Corporation is currently busy stocking in employees, building a respectable and versatile space fleet, and building a first production line for ship weaponry. Garrit Solder said in an interview by the Daily Herold of Terra, that he is "looking forward to the future, and sure, that Fenris Corp will quickly rise to one of the leading companies within the security industry with its business concept and the professionalism of its employees."

Since the founding the main focus of the Fenris Corporation had been the constant growth of its own capacities and clientele without making a compromise at the quality. Thus the corporation succeeded at several large contracts, for example with the investigations of industrial sabotage at Charnier Pharmaceuticals and Risham-Ikrali Armory Development Ltd.
With the profits made, the spectrum presentation was improved, the fleet expanded even further and a large number of employees hired.

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