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The Fenris Corporation has access to an extensive and versatile fleet and first-class fighting, protection and working materials, whose configuration is devised based on the mission requirements of our customers during the counseling interview with our security consultants.

With the aid of our battle fleet, we are able to fulfil any imaginable range of missions quickly and flexibly. We have access to fast interception fighters as well as long range bombers. Also we can resort to dedicated reconnaissance and low-emission ships.
If need be, we also can also provide whole squadrons including their load outs, up on requirements and wishes. Our specialists will like to advise you with this, so that your mission will be fulfilled safely and cost-efficient.

The portfolio of our fleet of course includes not only the most modern fighting ships, but also ships very specific mission profiles have a place in our hangars. Due to this versatility we are able to accept missions of non-military nature. Transport and courier flights belong to our repertoire as well.
Current navigation data allow our couriers to deliver the cargo you specify accordingly quickly and safely. Thus we can also fulfill time-critical missions reliably, safely and with the needed care. No matter if it is an important data package, medical supplies or a VIP.

Our professional logistics officers also have access to a large variety of transport ships to safely deliver your goods to their destination with the best possible costs-gain factor.
Here we can offer enough freight capacity, to supply a great range of possible contract volumes. Moreover there is the possibility to negotiate a complete freight service package including the escort, so that deliveries into unsecured sectors are doable.
To fulfil our contracts, we also apply technologies of friendly alien civilizations like the Banu or Xi’an.

For our customers with especially high requirements we keep capital and carrier ships ready and thus have many varied options during large operations. Be it that you need a hospital ship, a mobile base of command for deep space exploration or a strong escort ship. Crew as well equipment are carefully selected to flexibly and securely meet the requirements of your contract. Here to our security consultants are available to you, so that your contract is fulfilled successfully to your contentment and goals.

For most challenges it is not enough to have access to a outstanding fleet, which is why the Fenris Corporation relies on high quality equipment in all facettes. From the protective suit and the armament of our security officers to the advanced scientific equipment in our research labs up to the efficient, logistic tools for loading of your valuable freight.
The combination of experience, the right ships and excellent equipment are good surety for knowing that your mission is in good hands with us. After all the smooth interaction between these three keystones is the basis for the successful completion of your mission. Trust in our competence.

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